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Protecting your investment with Car Care that's not an afterthought. There's nothing like the feeling and smell of a brand new Volkswagen - and we can help you keep it that way!

Looking after your investment is the best way to protect its future value. With our extensive range of options and know-how we can help you protect your car's value.

Our range includes:

  • Quality window tinting which improves the comfort and appearance of your car
  • Paint protection,
  • Interior protection and more.
    Plus, you have the confidence it's dealer fitted not amateur fitted.
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1. Interior protection & exterior surface coating

Our premium Protektiv HYDRO treatments are made from a high performing formula combining Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Ceramic, delivering extreme durability, hardness and a permanent super gloss finish. This will maintain your vehicle's new car appearance with an amazing life-time* cover from environmental damages like fading, loss of gloss from our harsh climate.
Our interior treatments are for our life happens moments for example splining your morning coffee or the kids just spilling their drinks or food on your new car there will be no need to worry as it won't stain and can be simply cleaned up no effort or stress required.

Warranty terms, conditions and exlcusions apply.

2. Entertainment & electronics

  • Car Security
  • BlackVue dash cams
  • DVD Players - headrest & roof-mounted
  • Parrot Bluetooth handsfree
  • Two-way Communication

3. Safety Systems

  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors
  • GPS mirror with camera in-dash
  • GPS screen with camera

4. Window film / tint

Window films are an essential in our harsh Australia climate with our UV rays being so strong having a window film applied will not only give you 99% UV protection will also reduce the heat inside the vehicle by a minimum of 60% on our hot summer days and will add additional security to the vehicle.

Only available in dealership.

Three options available:

  • Dark Knight

Dark Night utilises Opti-View, a patented technology that delivers new standards in ‘haze free’ optical technology by reducing distortion and ensuring safer driving. Dark Night offers all the protection and comfort you’d expect from a top performing window film as well as adding privacy and great looks. The film also has excellent heat rejection and reduces glare by up to 60%.

  • UV Shield

UV Shield is a tinted film that adds privacy and good looks to your vehicle. It meets all state legal regulations for visible light transmittancy, and offers the highest UPF 50+ protection rating available. UV Shield utilises Opti-View, a patented technology that delivers new standards in ‘haze free’ optical technology by reducing distortion and ensuring safer driving. Plus, the film reduces glare by up to 60%.

  • UV Clear

UV Clear provides 'invisible protection' without the tinted window look. It helps to reduce UV exposure associated with an increased risk of skin cancer. The film also has a UPF rating of 50+, so your passengers still remain protected from damaging UV rays. Plus, UV Clear offers uninterrupted viewing, day and night, for safer driving.

5. Vehicle security

  • Alarms
  • Immobilisers
  • Remote Control

6. Cosmetic car repairs program

Whether you have just purchased a small, family or sports car, Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist is the, cost-effective and convenient solution for protecting your new vehicle from minor damage assisting to keep it looking like new.

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